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Discharge of Duke Jason Brawlmartin - Governor of The Russian region

Recently Jason Brawlmartin has been acting out in an immature and bipolar manner. Personally, I think he is moderately autistic. He has raged at several members of this Wiki, and other Wikis. He blamed me for Stormwalker supposedly breaking up with him, and now he has the nerve to go on a sockpuppet Wiki account and pretend to be somebody else, and trash talk members of this Wiki.

This doesn't require a vote. Jason Brawlmartin, as King of The Spanish Empire, I hereby strip you off all your ties to Spain, and deem you an enemy of the state.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 22:09, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

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Duke Jack Darksteel of Sweden is also being made the temporary governor of Russia. Russia and Sweden are now being combined into a single province: "The Northern Guard" until further notice.

Lol Jason i see your partner ship is going well with pears... ;D

This isn't really a current topic, lol.

I know. But it still stands as a current dischargment.. I dont see anything about him coming back either.. So :3

Well, Pears let him back. Then he vandalized the wiki so :3...

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