Recently Switzerland attempted to invade Tuscany and Hesse without any formal declaration of war or pre-warning. However... seeing as both these territories lack leadership and stability, can we really blame them?

Tuscany aided Britain against us in The Paradoxian War. Hesse was against Spain while under Francis Bluehawk. Neither of these territories have ever done anything for us so should we really be jumping to conclusions this fast? At first glance, the logical thing to do would be to aid Britain against Tyler Crossbones, but what would that accomplish? That'd just give them one less enemy.

John Breasly's intentions are now clear per the screenshot of his conversation with Grace Redskull taken a few days ago in which he stated that he intended to "invade and destroy Portugal" since they wouldn't secede from The Spanish Empire.

Switzerland is a Catholic nation, and without our assistance, there's no doubt they'll be slaughtered. I'd advise the Pope, and the king and queen of Spain and France to think long and hard before making a decision on this very important topic. It could affect us in the future.

Duke Hannibal Clemente (talk) 19:43, May 18, 2013 (UTC)