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Proposal - (Declaration of war upon Switzerland)

Switzerland's failed to give us a formal response to our proposed mutual defense pact which would ultimately benefit them. We're being trash talked on their Wiki and in addition to that, many people have pointed out that as soon as the treaty ends they'll just break off from the Catholic Church. So I ask why should we even help them?

Great Britain is already at war with Switzerland. Why should we get into yet another war for the sake of a nation that spits on our glorious name and then comes crying to us for help.

Switzerland has no army what so ever. We can take Tuscany and Hesse just as easily through war as we could through diplomacy, and on the bright side, we won't be having to get into another war with GB to do it. It's only logical.

Duke Hannibal Clemente (talk) 18:36, May 21, 2013 (UTC)

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As a Cardinal, I would personally deny this. Creating war would go against the Church, as Switzerland is still loyal to the pope. Not to mention, taking Tuscany and Hesse would only cause future problems with the people of the Potco Players Wiki. Therefore, standing on a personal standpoint, I would oppose war against Switzerland, and instead, go neutral.

They are not a Catholic nation. The Mutual Defense pact said they would have to in order for Spain to protect them.

They are, and they have been even since they were created.

If we stay neutral, Britain will claim Tuscany, Hesse, and Switzerland. We cannot remain neutral.

I see only a few English who wish to take conquest upon the lands of others.  The "User: Lord Andrew Mallace" has made several threatening comments about conquest. 

But I too suggest neutrality for we must let fate and our faith play its' course. We must show that our faith in the Church and by the teaching of Christ, we will prevail over the verbal threats of conflict that only stand as obstacles against peace and prosperity.

Last week:

This is John Breasly BTW

Case closed.

The church won't support a war against a fellow Catholic nation, especially not when it's simply to gain from their misery.

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