I have recently heard Matthew O' Malley AKA The 7th Master has beaten Tylar Kroshbon in the 67th Swiss civil war. They also made a wiki to replace the original here: http://the-federal-republic-of-switzerland-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Special:WikiActivity. I then went there to talk to them, shortly after they became quite hostile torwards me, and were insulting many people behind their back. The admin "Blau Wolfe" then kicked me, over, and over. So, I just left it alone.

I personally think Matthew lacks proper leadership, seeing as he's 22 and still acts like he's 6. This could be a thorn in Spain's side for future endeavours. Recently, Prince Blake Stewart started a rebellion of his own to put Switzerland back in it's normal form. I think we should support him because Matthew WILL eventually turn Switzerland on it's head.