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John Breasly is the King of Great Britain and Ireland/The British Empire on POTCO and is considered to be one of the most powerful figures in RP History. Although rarely present in battle, King John Breasly is still considered to be a strong "Anti-Pearson" and "Anti-Spanish" figure throughout POTCO.


King John Breasly was born on September 3rd in 1687 to Katherine Elizabeth Flemming and George Breasly I in Hannover/Brunswick. Breasly's early life was rather peaceful. Unlike his nemesis, Breasly grew up with a very quiet and loving family where threats of invasion and starvation were nonexistent. In his teenage years, Breasly worked as a blacksmith but at the age of 19, his life of tranquility and peace came to an abrupt end when his family fell victim to a raid by pirates.

Most of Breasly's family was murdered during this raid, and this led Breasly himself to take on a life of piracy and thievery. Breasly's life as a pirate was short lived. He was betrayed by his closest crew members, and within only a few short years was captured by members of the East India Trading Company (EITC). The EITC would have executed Breasly on spot had they not seen the potential that he held. They were facing issues in Scotland with Lord Robert Mcroberts. They saw leadership abilities in Breasly, and within a few short years, had elected him "King of England".

As king, Breasly went to a war with Scotland which he ended up winning. This war officially united the Kingdoms of England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland forming "The British Empire". In 1743, Breasly came very close to losing the crown during The Paradoxian War. However, by luck, King Phillipe V Clemente of Spain set his sights to conquering Russia rather than Britain. This gave Breasly time to restore the British Military, and by 1745, he had regained the upper hand and launched a new offensive against Clemente which gave Britain hope in returning as a superpower.

Unfortunately, Breasly's audacious decision to willingly join wars against Spain costed him the War of French Succession in 1746. However, after this war, Spain's age as a "Military Power" went downhill thus giving Britain an opportunity to balance itself out with Spain. Though Spain is still the most powerful militaristic and economic force on Earth, Britain is certainly close to meeting it in both aspects!

General InformationEdit

  • Guild - British Co. Elites
  • Pirate - John Breasly
  • Level - 44


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