Richard Luther is part of the East India Trading Company, as well as the East India Trading Company House of  Commons, the Royal British Navy, the Calcutta Militia Force of Britain, and he is commander of the 74th Regiment of Foot in Britain. 


 Richard James Humphrey Luther, or just Richard Luther, was born on December 10, 1717, in West Sussex, England, to Thomas Gilligan Luther and Camille Marks Luther. They later moved to Hampshire, England, shortly after Richard's brother was born. His parents owned an alcoholic business called "Luther Lager Imports", and were very weathly. Since the Luthers had money to spare, they lived in a mansion with acres of land stretched out all across Hampshire. Richard took up fencing at age 8 with his father to accompany and train him. 

 Eventually, Richard took up shooting and became great with his terrific hand/eye coordination. 

General InformationEdit

  • Guild - British Co. Elites
  • Pirate - Richard Sternsilver (On hold)
  • Level - 32


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