Blue Poison Dart Frog.

The Ermordung

The Ermordung is a powerful throwing knive coated in the venom of a Poison Dart Frog. If you get even a scratch from this blade, with the venom, you'll die within minutes.

History of the ErmordungEdit

One day, while Richard was in Germany, he was in a forgery. Then, he decided to make a new blade, a throwing knife. He decided to call it The Emordung, or The Assassinaton in German. A couple of weeks later, Richard and some German buddies decided to go hunting in the South American jungles, and Richard decided to take his newly-forged knife with him. While they were hunting, one of Richard's German friends discovered a Blue Poison Dart Frog, leaping from leaf to leaf. At sight of this, Richard got a great idea. He captured a few poisonious frogs, and soaked the blade in their poison. Then, Richard went to Tia Dalma to get help for getting it to make cursed fire, dark purple at that.

"The Ermordung".


Attack: 83

Abilities: Dagger Rain, Voodoo Reflect, Dark Curse, Drain Health

Asp Boost +4


The fire essence of The Ermordung.