The Romania Star is a newspaper controlled by the Government of Romania. It reports current domestic news and anything related to Romania.




Spanish-Romanian ArmisticeEdit

Yesterday, after talking with the Spanish King and Queen, Phillipe V and Isabella, Romanian and Spanish Leaders agreed to an armistice that will result in the isolation of the fine Kingdom of Romania, and end any hopes of being an Imperial force. Although Spanish officials claim there may be a chance of expansion in the future, Romanian Officials said "It's better to assume we are a weak country" and not expect an expansion.

King Albert Spark, The Romania Star reporting from The Wiki.


Slow Government and Fast MilitaryEdit

Since the armistice, Romania's Government has been rather slow as Romanian Politicians in private debate with fury about editing on the POTCO UN Wiki. Throwing accusations that the community is "biased" and harshly Pro-Spain and Pro-Vatican has caused reform to slow down tremendously and is becoming a rising concern to the King. However, this does not stop the growth of the new reformed Military of Romania. As it rapidly grows under the command of new General, William Brawlmartin and also aided by the Prime Minister, Basil Brawlmonk.

King Albert Spark, The Romania Star reporting from The Wiki.


New Monarch, New IssuesEdit

On Monday, the 15th of April; Romania's King Albert I resigned from the throne and passed on it on to Elizabeth, making way for a new path for Romania after one full year of existence as of Wednesday April 17th. Although some celebrate the Coronation of Elizabeth, others are angered and have caused new issuess taken the country into a possible Political Debate. On April 16th, The Third Prime Minister of Romania, Sir Basil Brawlmonk IV, was fired however not exiled. Many Royal Senators have taken sides whether this was a good idea or not and are also taking sides on who should be the next Prime Minister. It is unknown where Romania will go from here, but for now we shall watch from the sidelines.

Senator Albert Spark (Unity Party-Wallachia)