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This document has been given authorization by The Spanish Government to be passed.

On March 30th, 1746 The Spanish Empire officially declared war on Britain, The Netherlands, and Romania to put an end to British expansion, vandalism, and false claims of Spanish territory by both Britain and Romania. The first movement of this war will be invading and liberating the people of Romania.

Invasion details

  • 120,000 men will invade from the East from Istanbul under Prince Ben Squidskull.
  • 75,000 men will invade from the West from Venice under King Phillipe V Clemente.
  • 100,000 men will invade from the North from Russia and Sweden under Duke Jack Darksteel.

Anticipated Battles

  • March 31st, battle for Bucharest, determines who controls the southern half of Romania. Monada Server, 4PM EST - (Subject to change)
  • (More to be added)

King Philipe V Clemente Viva La Espana!

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