There are various requirements that must me met in order to become a member of the staff at The University of Rome, Historical RP Academy. Before requesting to become a member of the staff, please be sure to read these requirements carefully:

  • User must have at least 300 edits on The POTCO United Nations Wiki.
  • User must actively contribute, and be able to be within chat at least 4 days a week for an hour at a time.
  • User must not have excessive history of bans on The POTCO United Nations Wiki.
  • User must be an expert in the course he/she wishes to teach.
  • User must not have bias for or against any particular nation.
  • User must have a detailed and organized user page.
  • User must have permission from the nation he/she is a part of to teach at the university to prevent controversy between the university and said nation.
  • User must have been granted approval by the headmaster.

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