From the Desk of Mjr. Gen. R. Venables,

To the Holy Roman Catholic Empire of Spain,

Dear Friends,

I wsih to apologise for my prior insults, remarks and other general verbal rants that caused my ban on this wiki, i understand the conflict between Breasly & Pearson all to well but this is not my conflict and as of such i remain British Consule to Spain and would like to offer in no undercertain terms my apologies and deepest regrets in the way myself and my King spoke to your government and politions, i was not allowed to say this on the chat as Captain Leon banned me before i got the chance to say what i have said here, but here it is Queen Isabella, My humblest Apologies for the way i treated you, i admit i am ashamed, disgraced and humiliated by my behaviour, To Hector, we do not know each other well but i trust we can put aside differences in government and RP Politics and wo'rk towards peace, also know that i count you as a good man, and i will see that you are justly known as one in Britain! To Leon,' Damn your eyes man, but i understand why you did it, good from ol' boy! To Pearson On Behalf on his Majesty's Government of Great Britain and Ireland, as Head of HM Diplomatic Service, and as a true friend to Spain i offer a State of Nuetrality between Britain and Spain, and also have discussed with superiors the issue of Gibralter and offer this, Gibralter be split between our nations, Great Britain acknowledges Spain feelings in the Subject but Britain also has claim to it, therefore we offer this, that Gibralter be Split between our two great nations, and that British and Spanish people may live together in peace.

Once again My Sincerest Apologies and Regrets, and my heartiest Regards to Pearson & Isabella, as well as Lord Wildhayes and Leon,


~Richard A. L. Venables~

-British Consule to Spain-

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