Since the day I joined this Wiki, I've witnessed John Breasly be an overall nuisance to this entire community. The majority of his edits are just rage comments on blogs and pages. I think a week - month long ban is in order for this particular user. Thank Jehovah Sven's banned.

Reasons to ban Breasly:

  • Excessive profanity - (Don't deny it. I don't want to have to bring up your logs. That'll just make you look bad.)
  • Excessive arguing - (No explanation needed.)
  • Insulting users and administrators on a daily basis.
  • Edit-warring
  • Harassing users, particularly females.
  • Supporting vandalism against our Wiki.

Need I say more? 

(Note: This vote will end when one side reaches 10 votes, or by 1:00PM PST on Friday.)

Support Support

Oppose Oppose

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