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  • First $ea Lord Sven Daggerteel

    October 30th, 1745

    Breaking News: Jason's account Warriorman put on hold! Luckily he has another level 50 account which has been re-instated into the guild.

    Other Reports: Could he be banned because disney found out about the codename:reload? Could any other Spanish member contributed to this be also be banned/on hold?

    This has been a news report of the Spanish Government's latest.

    Yours truly, Sven Daggersteel. See you next time!

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  • First $ea Lord Sven Daggerteel

    France is a open country in civil war. It is hard to say but the country really needs a Jesus right now, men are dying by the thousands either on Garland's side or Bobby Moon's. I say action must be taken...either the Spanish come and save the shithole or we stay out let them suffer. Children are losing their parents, our leaders were once looked up upon by the Children and families of France. They saw us as saviors, not destroyers.


    • Colonize France
    • Claim Leadership (I do believe some Royalty are in the blood line)
    • Leave it be or assign someone to claim leadership.

    I'm currently the king of France. People seem to forget that. I'll be bringing back Grace soon to clear all of this up, and knock these imposters off of (our) throne.

    Paradox …

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