In the past week, this wiki has made a ton of progress in developing from a small little newborn Wiki, to a wiki that could potentially replace The PPW. While everything I've seen is very progressive and good looking, there are a few problems that we've overlooked.

  • It seems like this Wiki has two titles. When the homepage is edited it says, "Euro-Holy Western Alliance". This is The POTCO United Nations Wiki, not The Euro-Holy Western Alliance. We need to clear that up somehow.
  • Anything on here that seems "Pro-Spanish" needs to be fixed and made "Neutral".
  • We need to establish a couple more rules.
  • We need to start acting friendlier. :)

By the way, I love the color coated admin comment boxes! :D

Be sure to comment your opinions on anymore additions this Wiki needs.

Isabella V Clemente (talk) 03:44, March 10, 2013 (UTC)

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