I recently posted a blog similar to this, however, we're making some adjustments:

  • The King of Spain - (Yes, that is the actual guild name, and it has approved.) This is a guild for just Pearson Wright.
  • The Scurvy - This will remain as Spain's main naval guild. - Led by Molly Mcmorrigan and Ben Squidskull
  • Imperio De Espana - A guild for the "people" of Spain. - Led by Madster
  • Guardia Del Rey - Basically a small guild of Spain's most elite, all in uniforms, all maxed, tasked with protecting the king. - Led by Gabriel
  • Casa De Clemente - This guild will house all the members of the Spanish royal family. - Led by Isabella V Clemente

^ Note: All of these names have approved except for "Guardia Del Rey" which we are assuming is going to approve and if it doesn't, we'll find a replacement name. Anyways..... this is how we're going to try and organize Spain for the future! Please join the guild that fits your position in Spain.

Isabella V Clemente (talk) 16:46, May 5, 2013 (UTC)

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