After settling for a draw for the previous battle, Pearson challenged Sven to another SvS. Sven told him: "We'll only SvS when I say we're ready." An hour after this, Sven had William Yellowbones messaged Pearson to launch. Despite having only one of his officers online, Pearson accepted. This is what happened:

Clip 2

Halfway through

Clip 1

Mid-way through the battle

(Note that we were unable to take the final screen before we ported. The final score was roughly 800 - 0. We sunk them 3 times. They didn't sunk us at all. The terms were set for the battle ending after an hour's time. 5 minutes before the battle ended, Yellowbones begged us for more time and we accepted but they kept sinking so we ported.)

Also, the reason that they have 2 different ships is because they switched ships 3 times during the SvS, from a war brig to a war sloop to a light sloop. They sunk once with each ship and never got us out of green HP.

Please note that the screens have been cropped the highlight the scores.

(Screens sent to me via email by Pearson.)


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