After consulting with the members of the King's Court, we the government of the Spanish Empire have decided to offer Switzerland a temporary mutual defence pact due to the immediate threat by Great Britain that it has been forced to respond to. Though provoked, Britain is not "The United States of Europe" and does not have the authority to make decisions in foreign lands for people that had rather be left to govern themselves.

Acknowledging that Switzerland is doomed without the assistance of its creator, I have decided to offer a month long mutual defence pact to the Swiss people.

The defence pact works in the sense that if Switzerland is attacked, The Spanish Empire will act in its defense and vica versa. However, if Switzerland declares war on another nation, The Spanish Empire is not required to aid it. If Switzerland declares war on a province or ally of The Spanish Empire, the mutual defence pact is broken; and also, vica versa.

- King Phillipe V Clemente

(NOTE: This message was copied and pasted from Skype.)

Furthermore, since we will be pledging our full support for an entire month, we will ask a few small favors of Switzerland in return to ensure their loyalty and devotion to their cause as well as ours. The terms which Switzerland must agree to are as follows:

  • Switzerland must become a totalitarian Catholic state, meaning that the Monarchy must remain loyal to the Catholic faith and the Pope. We expect this to continue even after the treaty has ended.
  • Switzerland must denounce all claims to Tuscany and Hesse and hand over both territories to the Spanish Empire.
  • Switzerland must break all its existing alliances with all other nations.
  • Switzerland must acknowledge Spain's presence in Sweden, France, Russia, and The Ottoman Empire.
  • Switzerland must respect all Spaniards on both the PPW and the PUNW and strive to help end the bias that exists on the PPW against the Spanish people.
  • Switzerland must make the PUNW its main Wiki and begin establishing its government here by making pages, blogs, uploading pictures, actively contributing, etc.

- The King's Court

You are free to respond to this however you please in the Wiki chat, or in the comment threads. We expect an answer by the end of the day.

Isabella V Clemente (talk) 23:11, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

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