Seriously? So apparently Pearson is trying to infect people with keyloggers. Though I know Pearson is a compulsive loar, I'm taking it seriously on the off chance he's infected anyone. This is an all-time low. Pearson, you've literally gone TOO far. This is a game! You're BREAKING FEDERAL LAW over a game! What IS your problem!? You can talk about me, but I would never break a law over this! You're digging yourself into a deep hole here. This is way too drastic, and franlky, uncalled for. People are already taking action, so you better have a damn good lawyer. And I don't think your drunk mother can defend you in a federal court of law for having software that tracks back to your computer. Just stop now. This isn't about winning battles or who's king of what. This is beyond ridiculous. This breaches the boundaries of cyber-terrorism.

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