'Ello chaps, and diegos,

Spain has failed due even with it's presence of mods, cheats, etc, etc. All I can say is just wow... We did not even cheat or break the rules of svs terms or game rules. It's sad how some of your people actually want to win so badly they try to cheat. Cheating in life will get you no where. And cheating is a sin. For all you supposed Holy Roman Catholic Spanish ^_^ Have you no honour? I thank all the brave Spaniards whom did not cheat and fought fair and square.

To address the pathetic scapegoat you Spanish accuse of us. We do not cheat, we do not break the game rules, we fight clean, and God has rewarded us with Victory. We had our own guild and those who you saw... moved back into old guilds when you all ported. Apparently it is a sin to allow Freedom..... apparently Spain doesn't give any rights, freedoms or any liberties...

Don't believe old man?

From the desk of the Most & Right Honourable Prime Minister,

Johnathan Goldtimbers

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