Due to rising tensions between The Spanish Crown and the peasant class members of "Imperial Law" under the command of a low ranking Spanish Mistress, "Madster", I've decided to make the decision to expel the entirety of "Imperial Law" from the Spanish Empire. There have been numerous heated moments between various members of The Spanish Royalty and the peasants within this guild. The officers in Imperial Law did absolutely nothing to put an end to these stand-offs, and have hence proven themselves unfit to govern a guild of such magnitude while serving The Spanish Crown.

In addition to being expelled from Spain, you are also being deemed an enemy of the State, the King's court, and the Spanish people as a whole. Anything you do and/or say can and will be used against you by whatever means necessary. Good luck. :)

King Phillipe V Clemente of Spain and France (talk) 23:47, July 21, 2013 (UTC)

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