Lieutenant General Richard Venables

aka Sir Richard Venables

  • I live in Port Royal, Jamaica
  • My occupation is Duke of Argyll
  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables


    I Richard Venables, British Consule and Ambassador in Spain, wish to Formally offer a state of peace between our two nations, we recognise your ways of RP are different to our wn and we have evrey intention of Honouring your ways and would wish that you also honour our ways of RP, we shall not engage to correct you on your ways of Role Play and in return you shall do likewise, On the Delicate subject of Gibralter, due to historical records and the Treaty of Utrecht Gibralter is a crown colony, we know this is a delicate situation so as British Ambassador i merely offer this in return for our ownership of Gibralter, we the British shall extend every right to the Spanish Empire to continue to trade, live and work in the City as wel…

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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    To the His Most Catholic' Majesty' Phillipe Clementes Government of Spain,

    On the Decree of King George the Second of Great Britain and Ireland,

    Greetings and Salutations!

    It is with gladness in my heart that i have been approved by King George the Second of Great Britain and Ireland, to be posted as British Ambassador to Spain, it will of course be my duty to uphold Diplomacy between our great and mighty nations and to restore Peace, Order and Stability to our Empires! It is indeed a great time of Change for both the British and the Spanish, Who Regretfully have been at an armed neutrality for ages now, i only ask that we might extend olive branches to you in peace, as we have seen you do also to us in the past, I apologise on behalf of His Maj…

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