From the Desk of Major General Richard Venables of Edrington

To the His Most Catholic' Majesty' Phillipe Clementes Government of Spain,

On the Decree of King George the Second of Great Britain and Ireland,

Greetings and Salutations!

It is with gladness in my heart that i have been approved by King George the Second of Great Britain and Ireland, to be posted as British Ambassador to Spain, it will of course be my duty to uphold Diplomacy between our great and mighty nations and to restore Peace, Order and Stability to our Empires! It is indeed a great time of Change for both the British and the Spanish, Who Regretfully have been at an armed neutrality for ages now, i only ask that we might extend olive branches to you in peace, as we have seen you do also to us in the past, I apologise on behalf of His Majesty's Government for the ill treatment and disregard for all your diplomats, it was an uncalled for and disgraceful behaviour that has shamed the British Empire some what. But in saying that now I Richard Venables, Former Governor of Bengal, and Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire between 1744 & 1745, am offering Spain the chance to accept Britians Apologies and Olive Branches.

I Merely Await reply to this most humble of letters!


~Richard Venables~

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