Unfortunately, The POTCO Rewritten project has sadly come to an end despite the efforts of all of its undaunted supporters. The POTCO Players Wiki is no longer directly affiliated with POTCO. The POTCO Wiki is severely inactive and the POTCO Rewritten Forums are being shut down sometime this month. I recognize there's a great deal of emotional nastalagia still circulating on our wiki. However, we need to evolve. I suggest that we merge this wiki into a multiMMORPG Wiki open to several different online pirate games such as POTBS, POTCO Isles of War, etc. Of course, this isn't something that could be done overnight. We'd have to change a ton of things on the wiki, the letterhead, links, theme, pictures, words, etc. It'll be a tough project and will need to be tackled over the Christmas Break. We need to do it though. What do you guys thinks?

Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 23:00, December 6, 2014 (UTC)

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