I recently noticed that Prime Minister Johnny Goldtimbers of Great Britain and his ex-wife, Marie Antoinette, (likely a British sockpuppet account), have attempted to take a grab at the throne of France. Nowhere once in history, nor in POTCO have Britain and France ever been allied against Catholicism. It's simply paradoxical and absurd. Britain holds no armies in France, and therefore claiming the entire country is illegal. They posted a blog, shown here, which consisted of a singe sentence and a picture, stating that Grace Goldtimbers supported their claims to the throne of France even though no Screenshot was shown. They also claim that they have to support of "several" guilds and nations, yet ironically, none are listed.

I personally find it sickening how Goldtimbers is pressuring someone that's on her death bed to give up her throne, and not to mention, even if she did, it'd just go to Isabella V Clemente, seeing as Pearson is the one with the power in France.

Furthermore... I feel as though I cannot stand idly by as all of this chaos commenses. The British Government is power-hungry, and will therefore do nothing to prevent this imperial expansion. We fought several wars to reach that conclusion. Britain and Spain are already at war, therefore, I'm not "declaring war" on anyone. However, if Goldtimbers does not stand down immediately; he, as well as all members of his family, and of The British Empire shall be excommunicated from the Catholic Church until we feel that they should be reconciled. In addition to this, of course, Goldtimbers will lose his title as a Cardinal in The Papal Court.

- His Holiness, The Pope

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