Recently Bella and Pearson had a massive argument and I'm quite confident that's the end of Bella's reign as Queen. Pearson's also asked me to write her demotion request.. Anyways, I was reading over some of the things that went on when she was working as a diplomat on The PPW. People tried to counter the fact that Pearson controls the majority of Europe by saying, "This is historically inaccurate", stating that Britain controlled Gibraltar. I'd like to ask something. If Britain is going to control everything that it did historically, then why the hell did we fight 10 long hard wars, many of which consumed the entire game, terminated several accounts, drove people into inactivity, and ruined guilds?

In addition to this, while you speak of being "historically accurate", I see Romania having colonies in Nepal and Morocco? Like.... what the Hell? Mororcco was in fact "historically" Spanish land. As you can see, it's now clear that they're all about being "historically accurate" so long as it benefits them, and hurts Spain, but when we try to play the same card, we get banned. This is truly and utterly pathetic, and I advise NOBODY to go and attempt to argue with anyone on that Wiki. They're too far gone. They don't stand for anything. It's saddening. It truly is.

Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 18:57, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

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