Good evening,

At the request of the King of Spain, I have been asked to excommunicate Ferdinand Clemente for his crimes against Spain and its people as well as his dishonorable deeds as a Catholic man as of late. Some of his most infamous actions include the wedding and bedding of Rose Beckett who is not of our faith, and has already been married many times over, as well as his four failed rebellions against his own father and king.

As I said years ago I have lost my religion. It is true, I was once a catholic. We did hold reliious gatherings during Caribbean Rangers on POTCO. However, I have lost my faith since then and therefore feel it necessary that I resign my position as Pope and return home to Spain where I will await further instruction from King Phillip V. 

The excommunication of Ferdinand Clemente will moreover be effective immediately after which I will leave it to the cardinals to choose a new Pope. To reiterate; due to my inactivity, and religious uncertainty, I am no longer fit to carry on the burden of Pope. I leave it to the members of our Church to elect a new Pope together. Hopefully this will force everyone to cooperate. I am unsure which of these are legitimate/illegitimate or active/inactive. I leave it to you all to make this judgement together. 

  • Pope Benedict XIV/Lord Hector Wildhayes †
  • Cardinal Phillipe V Clemente/Paradox Overlord †
  • Cardinal Giovanni Octiavius Dieudonné El Elegido Del Mar Goldtimbers/Johnny Goldtimbers †
  • Cardinal Jack Antionette/Jack Bluehawk †
  • Cardinal Leon Daggerskull/Leon Daggerskull †
  • Cardinal Samuel Creststeel/Samuel Creststeel †
  • Cardinal Ponce De Leon/Ponce De Leon †
  • Cardinal Carlos La Verde Sanita/Duke Carlos La Verde Sanita of Barcelona †
  • Cardinal Diego de la Vega of Portugal/Jim Keelgull †
  • Archbishop John Glorybane of Berne & Switzerland/Craftman †
  • Sister Clementina Castille/Pearl Petalbee †
  • Bishop Willhem Kohleschmied of Zurich/Grunt56 † 

(I took these from the official Church wikia page) 

Let me also remind everyone that he who takes on this burden must renounce all titles in all other countries, just as I (allegedly) did years ago.

One more thing.... I was banned on the PORBritain Wiki for "using a blocked IP". I do not fully understand this as if the IP were blocked, how would I have been able to do anything in the first place? I'm aware that there's currently some of you who are going around spreading rumors that I'm Pearson or someone else. Anyone who wants to check my IP can do so if this will help prove who I truly am. 

I anxiously await the return of POTCO. I look forward to seeing you all  (or maybe just some of you) once more and recreating The Ranger Order. 


Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 06:36, May 29, 2016 (UTC)

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