Alas.. the time has finally come for me to depart from here. As POTCO has closed, this Wiki's purpose can no longer be put to use. I am proud to say that, along with my colleagues, family, and friends: Pearson, and his followers; we as an anti-oppresive and Pro-Christian community were able to counter the lies and obstructions that the PPW tried to instill unto RP. They failed. 

Throughout the years we've all learned new things, had many strange experiences, and gotten the chance to enjoy the time that we shared together on POTCO, and on its numerous fan-sites. It was a pleasure working, preaching, listening, and conversing with you all, and I sincerely hope that we may one day come together again somewhere else down the long windy road of life. But before I finally depart for good, I'd like to commemorate a very close friend of mine, known to us all, and to thank him for all that he has done for both me, and for the POTCO community as a whole throughout the years of this game's existence. My dear friend and brother Pears. I'll meet you on the other side mate. ;) 

- wave 

Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 01:10, November 15, 2013 (UTC)

Lastly, to those of you who may feel betrayed, or abandoned, fear not. If any of you ever need someone to talk to, or are seeking advice on something, you can, as always, leave me a message as I will ocassionally come back on our wiki. I will do my best to respond, or meet up with you in chat and help you however I can.

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