It's come to my attention that three of our four administrators considered themselves to be Spaniards. The one who is not has a pending demotion request. I consider this a big issue. As per our title, we are not a Spanish wiki. Nothing in our rulebook, our community message, or our mainpage suggests otherwise. This wiki was meant to be diverse, and it should be. That being said, I believe that Ze Assassin should be demoted back to chat moderator since his promotion didn't even have a community request, and should Gman be demoted he should be replaced by a British administrator. 

In addition to that, I think that there needs to be more pages created for other countries. We have to be the change that we wish to see. We have a very good wiki here. This isn't an attack on Pearson, so don't take it that way. Pearson, you are forcing the wiki into inactivity but automatically ruling out the possibility of any British person gaining any real power here. You need to be more open minded to that. Joseph Grey has expressed an interest in helping out here. I'm sure Johnny Goldtimbers, Albert Spark, Jeremiah Garland, or Andrew Mallace would also be interested. By having British administrators here we can aim~to~please in documenting history and prevent a one sided biased approach to all of this. Let's get our act together guys!

On a side note.... I hereby request the promotion of Johnny Goldtimbers to rollback, and Joseph Grey to chat moderator! Please vote below in the comments! ;) 

Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 19:29, October 7, 2014 (UTC)

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