After long negotiation, The Spanish and Vatican Governments have decided to once again spare the brainwashed members of The Romanian Government. Doing war on those who have never been exposed to truth and justice will do more harm than good, and therefore, instead of making matters worse, we would like to help establish a more stable and capable government in Romania.

As discussed in chat, King Albert Spark will be required to oblige by several sanctions which will be put on Romania as a part of this armistice, all which will ultimately benefit Romania as a whole later on down the road. Those being:

  • Romania may not hold alliances with any nation, nor may it trade with any other nation. It must follow a strict policy of isolationism and cease from becoming involved in other nation's foreign affairs so that it will have time to build up a strong central government.
  • Romania must disband its Wiki, and make this Wiki its hub Wiki so that things are better organized, and known to the people of other countries, preventing confusion.
  • Romania must remove all falsehoods from The PPW, and may only use The PPW to make fan-on pages. No member of Romania may make a page pertaining to RP.
  • Romania may not participate in any war for the next 2 months. Doing so will break the armistice and result in a war with both Spain and The Vatican.

Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 04:11, March 31, 2013 (UTC)

After reading these obligations, please confirm that you are ready to comply with everything listen above by signing here:

Albert Spark sign here: ________________________________________

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