Last evening..... 5 members of "British Co. Elites" infiltrated the Spanish guild "Imperio De Espana" and spammed the chat nonstop for about an hour. After being repeatedly booted, they kept returning with the intent of making everyone leave the guild. It is obvious that three of the people involved were:

  • John Breasly
  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Sven Daggersteel

We suspect that William Goldsilver may have also been involved. Nonetheless, as a result of this I have excommunicated both Breasly and Goldtimbers as well as the entirety of Great Britain and will make a blog later on explaining the details to their excommunication.

Furthermore, after attempting to reason with Pearson before he sought out retribution I was cussed out by several people on a conference call. I then tried to explain to Breasly that he should make an apology blog to perhaps change Pearson's mind. I allowed him to stay in the chat to explain his case despite bandodging, and he proceeded to cuss me out so I banned him again. He then came back to the chat on another account and cussed me out once again threatening to contact "Wiki Staff".

I will say this now and make this clear. This wiki will never have any involvement with this. The British are choosing to antagonize the Spanish because they can't beat them in SvS and because they keep losing all their primary members. That much is clear. However, that is no excuse to go antagonize innocent members of Imperio De Espana. I never said I would support vandalism. However, I'm not going to defend people that cuss me out and continue to terrorize a guild as I type this blog. Case closed.

- The Pope

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