It's come to my attention that John Breasly has just declared war on The Spanish Empire out of spite because of a 5 minute argument with "Duke Hannibal Clemente". That in itself should show you all how much of a war mongerer this man truly is. He also proceeded to call Spaniards "retards" and being of Spanish descent, I take great offense from this personally.

I am also greatly offended by the personal attacks done unto Queen Isabella V Clemente by King John Breasly. They were completely out of line, immature, and cruel. Great Britain's current approval ratings with The Vatican stand at 3%. You have until tomorrow morning to call of this war and make a new blog acknowledging your faults or you, John Breasly, as well as the entirety of Great Britain will be excommunicated from The Holy Roman Catholic Church.

As Spain has done nothing to provoke this war, we The Vatican will act in Spain's defense. Isabella V Clemente apparently attempted to reason with Breasly, and he simply raged at her because of an argument that he had with another user. Someone who is inactive, and has little understanding of what history was like before he came into the picture is not fit to rule. He is a threat to the entire RP community and I personally feel that he should be stripped of all his titles. After speaking to several people in Britain under him, many have seemed to agree with me.

Pope Benedict XIV

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