I realize I've been very inactive recently, but I have observed many things in the times that I have been present: 

This wiki is not, The POTCO U.N. Wiki. This wiki is, and ought to be the official wiki of The Spanish Republic. 90% of the information on here pertains directly to Spain. We do not have our own active wiki. I like to compare this to the analogy of The U.S. giving out charity donations to African dictators, when in reality, they're 8 trillion dollars in debt to the Chinese. We simply cannot keep reaching out to these ungrateful people.


Pearson, I realize your ultimate goal is to unite everyone under The Church, under myself, The Pope. The fact of the matter is, you may have thousands behind you, claiming to follow you, but very few people share your precise beliefs due to their immense complexity. We need to focus on Spain; not France, not Russia, not Switzerland, not Portugal, not Austria, and certainly not England. 


You've been trying to help them for years. All they've done is backstab you, curse you, and support your extended isolation from The POTCO Players Wiki. They are the African dictators. They've been robbing us of our time, your morale, and our valuable and limited resources. These ungrateful savage, disgusting, filths of the earth need to be left to fend for themselves. You're encouraging them to fight by picking sides. Simply stay out of it. They're inferior. They lack leaders, leadership, and armies to lead. 



I propose that there be a name-change for this wiki, and a description change, converting this to the official wiki of The Spanish Republic. Yes, I realize that you helped found, and in some cases, founded on your own, several other countries, but which do you care for the most? People will not stand for you cotrolling multiple countries unless you unite them all under The Spanish flag, and in reality, they won't stand for that either. 


Now technically, they can't stop you from doing that, seeing as they have no force with which to oppose us. However, in today's time, what really matters is what goes down on that God-forsaken "POTCO Players Wiki". That is the most universal and public reference to the masses. We have the people, the resources, and the morale to do what we did in The Paradox. Why not launch another full scale invasion of the entire planet and cleanse the world of this filth that soils what we fought so long and so gallantly to triumph over? 


Prime minister; if you do not act now, who will be their to act later? 


Lord Hector Wildhayes (talk) 22:31, October 31, 2012 (UTC)

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