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  • Lord Maxamillion Phillip Beckett

    i didnt attend the war so... and im a confused person so.... lol

    Why are there different ships on both screens for both sides?

    Why does British screens look like they were taken on Abassa?

    How on earth did Spains top scorer only get like 187...?

    Did Spain face Team Svs and British stay back and let Team Svs do all the work?

    What did British do?

    Note: I remember seeing Svens ship an hour before the war started so they knew they were there, and boom they vanished, but again i didnt attend so i dont know.

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  • Lord Maxamillion Phillip Beckett
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  • Lord Maxamillion Phillip Beckett

    Dear Isabella,

    I really want to apologize for any mishap I had with you on Skype, today 5/31/13. My comments that may have set you off, were not towards you. It was the heat of the moment, when you had just joined the group. I had another group with my real friends, with 3 girls, and 5 guys and we were just chilling, and I didnt realize I was in the wrong group at the time because if I remember I went to the game before I said the comment, so I lost my train of thought I think. Your really nice, and actually kind of sneaky funny. It really makes me feel like a fool to had said that thing regardless, because again I was in a different group with 8 people. I hope this all ends and no drama comes up anymore in the future

    Sorry and Thank you,


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  • Lord Maxamillion Phillip Beckett

    We should have a leaderboard page for Imperio De Espana......

    We've been in the top 10 in ships sunk, and enemies defeated like all week long ;)

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