Dear Isabella,

I really want to apologize for any mishap I had with you on Skype, today 5/31/13. My comments that may have set you off, were not towards you. It was the heat of the moment, when you had just joined the group. I had another group with my real friends, with 3 girls, and 5 guys and we were just chilling, and I didnt realize I was in the wrong group at the time because if I remember I went to the game before I said the comment, so I lost my train of thought I think. Your really nice, and actually kind of sneaky funny. It really makes me feel like a fool to had said that thing regardless, because again I was in a different group with 8 people. I hope this all ends and no drama comes up anymore in the future

Sorry and Thank you,


  1. VivaLaEspana!


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