Imperio De Espana was deleted tonight by members of British Co. Elites. Blake expressed himself to have likely led this. Today, we lost four officers due to them leaving the guild. Two others were hacked and their avatars were deleted. The guild started to become difficult to control, and Pearson saw the guild as falling and unrecoverable. Giving up, he made me the guildmaster and told me to solve it, believing he couldn't. Later, a British Co. Elites member used a guild code to repeatedly place himself in Imperio De Espana to "spy" and cause even more chaos. As this went on, I was messages in Skype by who I mistakenly thought was Pearson. They claimed Pearson was hacked and someone else was on his account. This person (presumably Blake) told me to make them guildmaster. Thinking this was Pearson and knowing the guild was in chaos, I agreed. The guild was then deleted. (I later saw a level three troll in Imperio De Espana, so the guild exists, but it isn't considered Imperio any longer. Stormwalker and I did what we could to gather who remained from Imperio and place them in a newly formed guild. Pearson refused to partake in Spain or roleplay at all after this. He made me the guildmaster and declared me as the queen of Spain. I was unable to convince Pearson to regain his senses and lead, so for now I lead. I may pass down the leadership, as I don't see myself fit to rule what we once had. As of now, nothing is certain with the new guild and Spain and nothing is certain with my new leadership. As of now, I am declaring us as neutral so we may recover and rebuild Imperio.