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  • I live in Hawaii
  • My occupation is Acting/being a hobbit
  • I am the Mermaid
  • Mermaidqueen

    Enough with the lies sun

    September 28, 2014 by Mermaidqueen

    Boys and girls,this is my real account. 

    You're all fools for believing that could ever be me, commenting on pointless, false posts about me, the game, Pearson? No.... The reason I made this is because I thought everyone should see past the front Pearson has put up. Im sure he has talked a lot of trash about me, which is fine, I couldn't careless. But PRETENDING to be me, is so sad. Im only here because I got so bored out of my mind I wanted to read some stuff online, and I came here to see if it was still active, then I see that Pearson has been using that old account and is saying things, portraying me. Sigh. Save yourself the trouble and don't listen to Pearson, at all, because he can be honest about simple things its true, but he will D…

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