Paradox Overlord

aka Pearson Wright

Bureaucrat King of Spain & France
  • I live in Pandemonium
  • My occupation is Project Manager of Pirates Online Retribution
  • I am Male
  • Paradox Overlord

    So apparently a Spanish rebel defeating the British on ETW who have pretended to be me grants him the throne of Spain. I think not. The pictures say it all.  I've said from day 1 that I do not own ETW. Cadet owns ATW. I own ATW. We battle on ATW, or Cadet forfeits. He failed to show up. He forfeitted. 

    Despite these screenshots, he's continued to try his luck, and lie even further saying that I simply got a "Refund" of the game after I lost the battle which is the stupidest thing I think I have ever heard come out of his mouth. If in fact we did battle, when did we agree to? He's never come to this wiki. He sends his girlfriend to negotiate for him (which is laughable in and itself), and neither of us have spoken to each other in over a wee…

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  • Paradox Overlord

    So recently a lot of people have been making false claims to territories which are not theirs. While this in itself is rather disturbing, what is even more so is the fact that these people have virtually no followers whatsoever, nor have they ever. 

    Exhibit A - Ferdinand Clemente (Cadet) is claiming ownership of The Spanish Empire despite losing three rebellions in a row on POTCO, never maxing a single guild, and presently having zero followers, and a wiki with a total of three pages, one of which is a complete duplicate of a page on here (His own character bio), and two others which contain virtually no content whatsoever. Furthermore, he is attempting to marry Rose Beckett, a Protestant of British descent, and former member of the Co. Emp…

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  • Paradox Overlord

    UPDATE: Ferdinand Clemente/Cadet lost three, out of the three battles and has therefore, for a fourth time in a row, lost another rebellion. He will now return to wonder where he will, and liveout his exile in Britain or otherwise.

    Firstly, I'm going to make this clear. I have ATW. You have ATW. I do not have ETW. I thought I still did. I don't. We will be battling on ATW. I'm not re-purchasing a $20 game, slowing down my internet during the download process, and using up storage on my computer just to battle you. That's stupid. If you're too afraid to battle on ATW, you'll just forfeit your entire rebellion altogether. 

    Moving on...

    Your blog consisted mainly of redundancies and slander, so I'm going to look past most of those as any mature ind…

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  • Paradox Overlord

    I recently added several new features to the wiki's css and js last night. A lot of it was completely coded from scratch. I'd like to stress one of these features in particular. Essentially, any user may now have at least one nameplate of their choosing on their userpage provided that it is approrpriate, relevant, and at least somewhat factual. It can literally be almost anything, so long as it is related to RP in some way. 

    Please reference my own userpage.

    If you are interested in having your own custom nameplate, leave a request in the comment thread and I will take it into consideration. :)

    Warm regards,

    Paradox Overlord (talk) 21:31, May 18, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Paradox Overlord

    Good evening, or rather, morning to some of you

    As you all I know, I am Pearson Wright/Phillipe V Clemente, the rightful King of Spain and France. The following document is written directly to the British roleplaying community of POTCO/TLOPO. I implore you all to use wisdom, and sound judgement in reviewing the various provisions that I have outlined. These provisions have been agreed upon by myself, Sir Joseph Grey, Johnny Goldtimbers, and James Goldtimbers. Most of the provisions here are subject to change. 

    Almost all of us began our wiki adventures on the PPW (POTCO Players Wiki) many years ago, some more than others. Unfortunately, following several horrible policies enacted by a plethora of very incapable administrators there, we (The …

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