Usually I just handle all of this behind the scenes... but I knew a lot of you would probably end up coming to me asking what happened, so I'm going to let the community take a vote on this one.

Well, the entire wiki itself is pretty inactive to be fair, but Bella has completely pulled out. She isn't here, ever, and me and her aren't together anymore, so I doubt she will ever be back, and if she is, it'll only be briefly. Anyways... I didn't want to just do this without input because we'll need a replacement administrator. So... let me know what you guys think. 


  • Paradox Overlord ~ She's inactive, and has shown no sign of planning to return for some time, if at all.
  • XxLeCaptainxX ~ Doesn't fulfill duties as an administrator.


  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Duke Hannibal Clemente
  • Sir Joseph Grey

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