Yeah, so I'm still super busy with school right now. The server is still up, and will continue to be up indefinitely. Anyone is free to use it. I won't be able to get on much at all for some time but I'm not leaving for good. I check in on the wiki every couple days so I'm not "dead" or anything. If you really need me for something, just leave a message on my wall or hit me up on Facebook. That always works. 

Regarding update:

Please use 1.7.9 until 1.eight is compatible with Bukkit. I can't control when that will happen but as soon as it does I will be sure to update the server. The reason it's not 1.eight right now is because if I update it to that, none of the plugins will be compatible with it.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 10:53, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

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