This new war, ushering in the end of The Post - Paradoxian war after the decline of UA, has officially been declared The war of French succession. As there are now ultimately two sides fighting for the crown:

  • Spain - holds bloodline rights to the crown, is Catholic like France, is in alliance with France, and is historically allied with France.
  • England - No bloodline rights to the crown, is Protestant unlike France, is not in alliance with France, and is historically an enemy of France.
The Battle began at this:
Screenshot 2012-10-12 18-05-45

This was Spartans vs. Casa Di Royale.

At first, a Spanish commander by the name of Basil Brawlmonk with his untrained mob, known as The "SPARTANS", sought to disrupt the peace in Spain by instigating a rebellion. Prime Minister Carlos La Verde Sanita authorized Admiral Dog Sharkidd to engage and destroy all who resisted. On antik, at around 8pm, an SvS began. At first, it was Casa Di Royale vs. SPARTANS. Spartans began losing quickly, and decided to call in England, "British EITC Military", and "Warrior-Spirit Clan" to aid them. Knowing Casa couldn't handle all these guilds alone, Carlos called upon his son, Dandandragon and 3 other members of one of the 5 Spanish Military guilds, "The Scurvy" to aid him. Within an hour, a tied match turned into this:

Near the end of the battle:
Screenshot 2012-10-12 19-06-41

Prime Minister Carlos La Verde Sanita goes onboard the enemy's main ship and demands surrender,near the end of the battle. Johnny Goldtimbers admits defeat. The British are humiliated.

Sven decides to solo Spanish admiral Ben Squidskull:
Screenshot 2012-10-12 19-11-10

Sven decides to solo Ben Squidskull, starts losing 6 - 1, then calls in a friend to help him.

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