So last night I did a massive edit on the Forums and found this cool new feature that's been added to the Wiki. You can host "discussions" on the forums and they refresh much much faster than they previously did. When somebody makes a comment on a discussion, you can also give it "Kudos" or "Thumbs up", similar to on Facebook! Pretty cool right? :D

I erased all of the original "Boards" and created new ones. Each nation will have their own "Board" on the forum and only people of that particular nation will be allowed to edit the board of said nation. This will give each nation authority over its subjects, as well as privacy so they aren't exposed to the laws and customs of foreign rulers. I think this is a huge step in helping organize and progress this Wiki. I encourage everyone to go check out the new features but make sure you abide by the basic rules and only post on boards of nations that you are a part of. Have fun guys! :D

Incase you're not sure how to get to the forums, I've created a little something to simplify it for you:

Enjoy guys!!! :D

King Philipe V Clemente Viva La Espana!

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