The previous week, Her Majesty's main account, Elizabeth O'Malley was deleted, and after several acts of treason which were discovered later on; we, The Queen's Court, The Senate, and The Military Hierarchy have conluded that she is no longer fit to rule. We have given her a new account, Sarah Cabinbones, but she will not be promoted to the rank of Officer, and will remain as a princess of The Spanish Republic.

Therefore, we've come to the conclusion that a new monarch will be chosen to lead The Spanish Republic. It's uncertain to whom that will be, as of now. However, if you are interested in leading, we will take it to mind.

Some main qualities that we are looking for in the new monarch of Spain are:

  • Experience in leading, particularly The (Spanish) form of leading.
  • Experience serving under Pearson Wright.
  • Exerpience roleplaying in general.
  • High level.
  • Decent clothes.
  • Decent ranks.
  • PvP and SvS abilities.
  • Good debating skills.
  • Audacity.
  • High level of intellect.
  • Doesn't crack under extreme pressure.

If you think you possess these qualities, feel free to leave a comment with a detailed description of who you are, what your plan of action is, and why you want to lead.

(Keep in mind, the point of this blog is simply to seek out people. We may not accept anyone. It's simply to check for availability.)

Thank you.

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