Recently, Albert Spark attempted to "annex" Sweden, Finland, Norway, and practically the entire Western Russian region. Not only is this illegal, but there are several reasons as to why I will not allow this to happen:

  • Romania was not even a country until the mid 1800's. It's 1746.
  • When Romania did become a country, it never gained so much land, so fast. In fact, no country ever has, not even Spain. Not only is this historically impossible seeing as "Romania" had no colonies in The "Caribbean", but "Romania" does not even possess the military strength to claim such a vast amount of land.
  • We just got out of a series of wars that have lasted nearly 3 years to finally regain control of Russia. This fool (Albert Spark) is trying to instigate a global scale war which I will not let happen.
  • We conquered Sweden, Finland, and Norway in The Paradoxian War when my own son, Macbatten was defeated and accepted unconditional surrender.

That all being said, I have attempted to reason with Mr. Albert Spark, and he told me, "Go ahead and declare war"... Unfortunately, I feel as though The Spanish Empire will have to personally invade and remove this threat to our society.

To make this fair, there will be a series of SvS battles all with certain things at stake:

  • This evening, determining who controls Sweden, Finland, and Norway
  • Thursday evening, determining who controls Western Russia
  • Friday evening, determining who controls Romania

All battles will last an hour, 8 - 9pm EST, Monada Server Personally, I find it ridiculous that we're having to "battle" over who controls lands that we already control. However, as I am dealing with incompetence, I will go ahead and risk losing all of these regions because I'm confident that you're going to get obliterated. You can use one guild. It does not matter which. Britain cannot interfere seeing as it doesn't have any armies in these lands. If Britain wants to act in Romania's defense, it can do so next week after all of these battles are over, (by that time, Romania will be Spanish land). However, Britain can attempt to take it back.


The Invasion of Romania, March 1746.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 20:03, March 6, 2013 (UTC)

War updates

  • Sweden, Finland, and Norway are all secured. Romanian resistance is non-existant.
  • The invasion of Romania has commensed. Hardly any resistance has been met.
  • Albert Spark has failed to launch an offensive to defend The Romanian people. The war is expected to be over within a week.

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