Given the fact that The POR Britain Wiki:

  • Posseses an administration which belittles people with mental disorders, and/or those who are born with mental and/or physical defficiencies.
  • Posseses an administration which creates countless numbers of fake "sockpuppet" accounts in an attempt to try and "overwhelm" their rivals, "Spain" and give themselves a "louder" voice as to press false claims against what is fact and what is written despite the fact that POTCO has been closed for well over a year now, therefore invalidating any future conquests/new claims, etc. 
  • Posseses an extreme bias towards anyone who is not under the direct jurisdiction of "British Law". Example: Banning a Spaniard for saying "Wtf", then laughing when a British man says "F you" to another Spaniard. 
  • Posseses an administration which is attempting to undermine laws in foreign lands entirely. Example: Creating an alternate wiki such as the "Papal States Wiki" and proclaiming themselves the sole rulers of the "Holy Roman Catholic Church" despite the fact that Britain is a sworn enemy of Catholicism in reality. 

Taking into consideration all of the following, I, Paradox Overlord, known in POTCO World RP foremostly as the King of Spain and France exercise The Supremacy Clause and discredit anyone, everyone, anything, and everything directly and/or inversely related to the "POR Britain Wiki". We no longer recognize it as an official POTCO World RP Wiki. We, the POTCO World RP community will however continue to recognize John Breasly as the King of Great Britain. Whoever he names as his subordinates, we will also recognize. However, any further claims made by anyone who actively contributes on the POR Britain Wikito try an alter the glim future of RP will be ignored.

VSTF has been contacted per the POR Britain Wiki administration's attacks on those with mental defficiencies. Action will be taken shortly as the POR Britain Wiki's community/administration has proven incapable of fixing itself. 

Thank you.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 02:03, March 18, 2015 (UTC)

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