Recently, Casa Di Royale has been growing extremely rapidly, I'd assume twice as fast as The Paradox did. While this is great, me and Hippie both observed that because we've been growing so fast, we've also given the guild a sense of "anarchy". We're adjusted to guilding a certain amount of people a day, and explaining the rules to them. Instead, it's literally come to guilding about 10x as many people, and we've been unable to keep up with everyone.

I stressed to John Breasly that because of this, I'd like to request a month long cease fire. Seeing as his pathetic excuse of a guild doesn't even have a name yet... I assumed he'd accept, but him being to war mongering ass he is; declined.

He stated that, I was only doing this because I had no army with which to defeat him. I responded with, if that were the case, how is it that he's lost 6 out of the 9 wars that have occurred so far during this war. He responded with, "I'm done here", and ordered Sven to boot me from their HMS Royal India, a unique light sloop class ship.

Screenshot 2012-11-23 15-38-54

Read the chat.

Considering our guild gets 50 people online at a time, while Sven's gets less than 15, John was quite ignorant, and downright stupid to make such an accusation, which he will soon come to realize will cost him half of his Island nation.

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