Ever since Casa Di Royale was abandoned, I've left Spain in control of Molly Mcmorrigan and Ben Squidskull. However, recently I gained access to a computer which I will be able to use during the week. I've created a new guild, and the name has approved: "Casa De Royale". I'm not about to be managing a guild of 500 people all by myself again, so therefore, I've decided to break Spain into two guilds, those being, Casa De Royale, and The Scurvy.

The Scurvy will consist of our navy and army, and will be responsible for protecting Spain from foreign invaders, and/or assisting the Queen in invading foreign nations should a necessity arise. The Scurvy currently houses 300 high level professional Pro-Spanish SvS'ers.

Casa De Royale will consist of 12 people, including:

  • "The Belle"/Bella - Queen of Spain, GM
  • "Skull Catcher"/Pearson - King of Spain and Overlord of The Spanish Army, Officer
  • "Uther The Mean"/Hannibal Clemente - Head of The Spanish Navy, Veteran
  • 9 other high level, professional svs'ers all in matching uniforms, all obedient to The King and Queen, all members

Casa De Royale will be Spain's new "Government" guild. It will house only 12 people. It will be responsible for managing all foreign affairs and directing The Scurvy in times of wars, etc. Casa De Royale itself will not carry out offensive military actions. The 9 highly elite members will be responsible for the protection of The Queen, and nothing more.

Requirements for The Queen's Guards:

  • Must be above level 40
  • Must have The Uniform which includes the Adventure Coat, boots, pants, hat, red sack vest, flap long sleeve shirt, silver onyx ring on the left hand, and eye tattoo. (No Jewlery allowed other than the ring) - Note that (Uther and Pearson will wear the SvS hat, while all others will wear the Barbossa hat.)
  • Must be uniquely skilled in SvS. Tests given by Ben Squidskull and Pearson Wright must be passed prior to joining
  • The soldier cannot have a history of serving under rival guilds/nations of Spain
  • The soldier must demonstrate absolute loyalty to The Queen
  • The soldier must demonstrate intelligence and exceptionable literacy skills
  • The soldier must practice self respect as well as respect towards fellow soldiers, superiors, and foreigners
  • The soldier must be online at least 3 days a week
  • The soldier must demonstrate honor, bravery, and integrity at all times
  • The soldier must know the history of Phillipe V Clemente and The Spanish Empire and have an account on The POTCO United Nations Wiki

(This may be subject to change. In the future, I am considering allowing The Dukes of Russia and Sweden to join, and a few more members of The Spanish Royal Family, and perhaps The Pope. However, for now, it will be kept as is.)

Casa De Royale is scheduled to be fully operational within 2 weeks.

King Philipe V Clemente Viva La Espana!

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