First of all, I've been seeing TONS of accusations against people from various little pricks across this game, accussing them of being "Pearson Wright." 

One that I've actually had to deal with, which is starting to piss me off, mainly because she keeps complaining is, Liz, level 24. That isn't me, and that isn't Bella. That's "Somegurl fromwalmart" on Facebook. Look her up, and shut the Hell up. I'm sick of it. 

I was looking around on The POTCO Players Wiki, reading through the list of slanders, and insults that I commonly recieve from my friends on this game, and saw someone named Jason Starkstack, or whatever, talking shit. Well, firstly, I never spoke to him. I've never HEARD of him, and no, I never said I was leaving on the 25th, however, after seeing Sven's comment, accussing him of being me, I almost want to back him up, because it's so fucking annoying, being accussed of someone that you are not. ( I know ). 

I WAS Dog O'Hawk, level 50, now terminated.

Bella WAS Liz Firefellow, level 25, now terminated.

I had to take off time from my fucking Christmas break to write this shit. All of you need to piss off, and grow up. I went to some witchdoctor, and he's very much helped me. I will never be playing this game again. The MOST I will do is go on Skype every now and then to talk to Bella. Fuck, off.

Taylor, you're not the king of Spain. If anyone takes the throne, it'll be Liz, level 24. You want to test me, you take a year to get your mob together, ask for an SvS, and I'll send the Scurvy to own the absolute shit out of you. 

I have to say though, you all are quit to attack anyone that supports me, (The Actual King of France), in ruling France, or suppose, if anyone said, (I'm an EITC Lord), they'd probably be slandered to the point of suicide, but yet... someone tries to steal Spain, and for 4 hours, it goes without ANY notification that they're violating several Wiki, and Roleplay laws, which We, myself included, the people who BUILT the foundation for roleplay created. This only proves my point. You're bias. You'll only prevent "rule breaking" when it's saving your own asses, not the asses of anyone else. You don't give a SHIT about anyone, but yourselves. You make the major Wiki contributors feel as if you give a shit about them, simply because you rely on them to keep that wiki going, as you, the administrators, do absolutely nothing but bitch and complain. I'd be SHOCKED if ANY action were taken against this fraud, my "son" from taking the crown of Spain.

Merry Christmas.

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