Well friends, historically, King Phillip V of Spain and France dies on the 19th of December, 1746; which is this December. Therefore, that will be the official day that I denounce myself as the King of Spain and France, and pass on my throne to someone else. I will also pass on my guild, as well as all of the other countries that I have control over, which include Sicily, Naples, Portugal, The Papal States, Sweden, Sardina, and Corsica. I will be writing a will soon which will touch base on every specific detail. I ask that nobody in Casa Di Royale panic, because you will be left in good hands before I leave which is still almost a month away. 

The age of Spanish conquest has officially ended, and its success will be in the hands of the monarch whom will succeed me. 

My final request is that I be given a proper funeral, (for once), unlike the one where my grave was bombed, and slandered by The PPW administrators. I would like this funeral to occur on saturday, the 21st of December, 2 days after my "scheduled death." 

I request that King John Breasly of England organize my funeral, and create a page on The PPW with specific details. I want him to create the invitee list, as well as every other little specification. This is the one favor that I ask in return for ending this war, and yes; I just ended it.

In 21 days, I will officially take my leave from POTCO, forever. 

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