I am aware that wiki was created fairly recently, therefore this vote will go on for 2 week's time before an official decision is made. This is the official vote for The Attorney and Secretary General positions. Once elected, they will serve for a period of 2 months. They may run for re-election up to 3 times, and serve again if elected. Anyone may run for this position, and anyone may vote. Unlike The POTCO Players Wiki, as long as you aren't making multiple accounts, you may vote. You do not have to have a certain number of edits. Be sure to vote for someone that you think will help benefit The POTCO U.N. Don't just vote for someone because you are apart of their nation. The goal here is not to try and "take over" seeing as this isn't a country. This wiki was formed to help unite all nations together, not as an "empire" but as allies, to help fight for a righteous cause and end the oppression and discrimination that occurs on POTCO, and on sites such as The POTCO Players Wiki.

Anyone may run for election now, but by Sunday evening we will eliminate all but two candidates and the primaries will begin. If you are interested in running, just leave a comment, and if approved by an administrator, it would be in your best interest to advertise your campaign by posting a blog and stating what you will anticipate doing if elected, and how you will benefit The POTCO U.N. as its first Attorney, or Secretary general.

(There can only be one candidate per nation, regardless of what he/she is running for. You cannot have 2 candidates, one running for each position. That could instigate bias/dictatorship etc. There must be diversity in order for this Wiki to succeed, and its purpose to be met.)