As you all know, I'm not online during the week, which presents a problem considering very few people possess the leadership abilities that will allow you to upkeep and govern Casa as I do on the weekends.

That being said, I've devised a simple plan of action for you all to follow which should help you keep the guild running smooth during the week when I am unable to come online.  

1.) This past weekend, I invited a a very large group of high level people from some of my previous guilds which recently returned to POTCO. Under no circumstances will you allow the following to leave:

  • Will Hookspinner - 50
  • Mr. Goldheart - 50
  • Elizabeth - 45
  • Lawrence Hexpaine - 50
  • Davy Mcskull - 50
  • Geoffrey Hexbones - 50
  • Johnny Redskull - 45
  • Ashlee Mcmuffin - 50
  • Jade Mcwalker - 50

There are several other people in the guild which I invited but do not remember the particular names. Point being, simplified, be sure to invite more people than you allow to leave. The guild should never go below 498 members. I never want any officers booting lower levels to a number lower than 498.  

As for the HCO-line that will govern the guild in my abscence.

  • First in command - Sarah Cabinbones
  • Second in command - Sven Daggersteel
  • Third in command - Dog Sharkidd
  • Forth in command - Warriorman
  • Fifth in command - George Sailward
  • Sixth in command - Giovanni Dominica O'Malley, Sam Ironshot, or Jack Redsilver - (whichever one is on).

Try and actually improve the guild this week, instead of allowing it to relapse, which it always tends to do when I am unable to get online. This past weekend proved to be one of our best in a very long time. Don't let that sudden burst of power turn into a short-lived disaster.  

As far as wars on enemy guilds go, do what you want. We're virtually untouchable.  

Here is a list of the guilds that we are currently on poor terms with:

  • Co. Black Guard
  • British EITC Military - (No name)
  • Purp N Yellow - (Destruction under way)


And please remember, don't do anything in my abscence that you wouldn't do in my presence. I will be in constant contact with Sarah Cabinbones. I will know everything that is going on. Best of luck to you loyal officers.  

Paradox Overlord (talk) 21:19, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

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